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Top Ten Tips for Great Holiday Pet Photos
From Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Top Ten Tips for Great Holiday Pet Photos From Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz 

1 – If your pup is going to wear an outfit or even just a Santa hat, put it on a couple days before to make sure it fits, but more importantly, to see how your pup likes it and to let him/her get used to it.

2 – Try to bring your pup to the store/location where the pictures will be taken in advance to let him/her get used to the smells, noise, and hustle and bustle of the store.

3 – Buy a holiday toy that would look nice in the holiday picture and give it to the dog to play with a day or two before picture day. Bring it with you when you go for the pictures, it may help your dog feel more comfortable.

4 – Bring some of Fido’s favorite treats in case “bribery” is required.

5 – The photographers will most likely be using a camera with a flash, so I suggest that you practice taking pictures with a flash at home. Take a picture and quickly give the dog a treat. Let him make the connection that a flash will lead to a treat. This technique may help your dog sit calmly through a few shots if needed.

6 – Holiday picture days are typically very popular and there can be long lines to wait on. To avoid standing in long lines, arrive early in the day. You might even call the photographer at the store and ask what time would be least crowded.

7 – If you are using a professional photographer in a private photo studio, most likely you will be making an appointment. Make the appointment for a time when your dog has already eaten and has taken care of “business”.

8 – Try not to make any changes to the dog’s regular routine. Feed, use the bathroom, and exercise as usual if possible.

9 – It usually helps to take your dog for a long walk or run before the photo session, especially if you have one of the more active breeds or mixed breeds.

10 – Even after taking some or all of these steps, some dogs may not sit for a photo for one reason or another. Don’t get frustrated, give your pup an extra hug and remember it is all about having fun.

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Celebrity Dog meets Celebrity Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Buster Boxer ©, an internet dog celebrity with thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, visited Celebrity Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz in his New York photo studio. Richie, owner of Pets Photography Studios was recently contacted by Buster’s manager to handle the photography for his 2012 calendar, his upcoming coffee table book and a couple other projects. Attesting to the power of social media, Richie and Buster actually met through a  Facebook mutual “friend” who created the connection for them.  After the fun filled two hour photo session, Richie remarked “I rarely meet a dog who loves to pose as much as Buster does”. You can see how Richie captures Buster’s personality as Buster changes poses from whimsical to regal to serious to fun. As you can imagine from these images, a ton of fun was had by all. We are saving the best images for the calendar and books, but  we are sharing a few out-takes from the session due to popular demand from both Richie’s and Buster’s fans.

Richie Schwartz Pet Photography Buster Boxer  (3)
Buster Boxer Photographed by Celebrity Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz
Buster Boxer Photographed by Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Buster Boxer Photographed by Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Buster Boxer Photographed by Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Buster Boxer Photographed by Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Richie Schwartz Pet Photography on Buster Boxer's Birthday

Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz on Buster Boxer's Birthday

Dog Sings and Plays Piano Perfectly

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

This musical dog is Tucker, a two year old Schnoodle, who “plays the piano and sings along at least 3 or 4 times every day. In spite of all of his practicing, he really isn’t getting any better at it.” Tucker was born May 22nd and has been seen on The Ellen Show.

Dog plays piano and sings perfectly – posted by pet photographer richie schwartz

Rescued Michael Vick Pitbull Becomes Therapy Dog After Much Love

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 now offers Canvas Gallery Wrapped prints

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Here are a few samples of Pet Photography printed directly onto a canvas, then gallery wrapped.

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I met a one pound dog today named Bruno

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

I had a photo session today with a super cute pup named Bruno and I just had to share a few previews with you. Bruno has been added to the list of cutest dogs I have photographed this month. What do you think?

cute chihuahua

cute chihuahua Bruno

cute chihuahua Bruno

cute chihuahua Bruno

cute chihuahua Bruno
cute chihuahua Bruno

Professional Photography Helps Shelter Rescue Dogs Get Adopted

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I had a Pet Photo Day at a large pet supply store in Long Island, NY. There was a dog and cat rescue group celebrating the opening of their new facility within the store. The store owner had generously donated a large portion of his property to construct an area to house kittens and cats that have been rescued from the street and from other shelters. They had also brought with them, several rescued dogs that live in foster homes while waiting to be adopted. They don’t have room to house the dogs, so some volunteers with very big hearts become foster “parents” to these animals that would have otherwise been euthanized.

I told the Coordinator of their Dog Program, that I would be happy to donate some of my time and take pictures of the foster dogs which could then be used on their web site. I hadn’t seen their web site or the pictures of the dogs on it, but I have seen other rescue sites and I know what the pictures usually look like.  It is a known fact that the better the picture, the better the chances are that a dog will get adopted. Even without having seen the pictures they were using on their web site,I was sure that I could improve upon them. Take a look at the pictures. The first set along the top row were taken by the rescue volunteers. The next set of photos are the same dogs and these pictures were taken by me. As you can see there is a dramatic difference. Sometimes, when viewing potential pet adoptions on the Internet, that photo makes all the difference in the world between getting an animal adopted or not.

If you are a shelter or rescue organization in Connecticut, New York or on Long Island, I am available to do the same thing for your organiztion. 
Here are the “before” and “after” pictures:

The top row photos were taken by the rescue group’s volunteers. The rest are photos of the same dogs, taken by me.


Friday, July 16th, 2010

Do Pets Belong In Family Portraits?

Richie Schwartz, Pet Photographer

Pet Photography Trend Brings Families Into The Picture

In the modern American culture, pets are increasingly treated as family members. Dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals have always been an important part of the family. As American culture evolved in the last twenty years, these domesticated companions have taken on an even more important role.

More young couples are not just getting married later in life; they are delaying having children until older. As a result, pets seem to have taken the place of children in the lives of young couples and as such, they are treated much the same way that children are. Indeed, many people refer to their pets as their “kids” and owners are themselves referred to as “pet parents” by those in the companion animal industry.

For middle aged American couples, pets are a welcome relief to empty houses as their children grow up and move out. These pets help make the transition easier. For older Americans, a pet often helps one get through the death of a spouse or loss of a job.

Whole industries have been created to service these pet families. These include dog walkers, pet sitters, doggie daycare, backyard “pooper” scoopers, pet insurance, and of course, the pet photography specialist. Several major insurance companies have even added options for pet insurance. It makes sense that this unique member of the family is included in the annual family portrait and at other family functions. Dogs are even showing up at weddings as part of the wedding party and are included in the wedding portraits as well. More often we are seeing portraits of a dog or cat on a co-workers desk along with their other family members. Some proud pet owners even carry small sized photos of their pal in their wallet.

Unlike thirty years ago, an animal in a family portrait is no longer considered an oddity, but is seen as just another loved family member. Are your “furry friends” included in your family portraits?

About the Author; Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

Richie Schwartz, a former Veterinary Technician, Dog Groomer, and Dog Trainer, has over 30 years experience as a professional photographer. He is known as the “dog whisperer” of pet photographers. Richie has a special bond with animals and it has been said that he seems to hypnotize animals into posing for him. Richie is one of the country’s most prolific and sought after Pet Photographers. He has photographed over 60,000 pets in 30 states. Over the last ten years, he and his affiliated companies, including Pets Photography Studio, has provided Pet Photography services at hundreds of pet supply store locations for companies such as PETCO, PetSmart and Pet Supplies “Plus”. He has trained more than one hundred pet photographers in this time.

Richie  is a member of Long Island Pet Professionals, former President of the Professional Pet Photographers of America association and founded the Pet Photography School of New York. Richie is the NY Pet Photography writer for Richie Schwartz is a regular speaker and educator at area photography clubs, pet expos and other events, where he offers pet photography seminars and workshops. In addition, he regularly volunteers his services to raise funds for rescue shelters.

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